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Implant Removal and Mastopexy Surgery part 3

The midway point of our implant removal and mastopexy 5 parter. We pick up where we left off, with Mr. Richards sewing up the vertical scar on the right breast. This doesn’t take too long, then he moves over to the left breast and injects it with a local anaesthetic and adrenaline solution. He does […]

Implant Removal and Mastopexy Surgery part 2

This is part two of our in depth implant removal and mastopexy surgery. We start part two with Mr. Richards tethering together the vertical scar of the breast. He is explaining his process as he does it, and even informs us he is doing an ‘Aberdeen knot’ which he also explains how to do. As […]

South Korean Plastic Surgery clinic under fire for unusual use of spare body parts

A cosmetic surgery clinic in Seoul is currently under investigation for what we consider possibly the most gruesome reception ornament known to man. The clinic, based in Gangnam (yes, that of the famed song’’s name), an upmarket neighbourhood in Seoul, displayed a collection of around 2000 ‘chin shavings’ – fragments of bone that had been […]

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Implant Removal and Mastopexy Surgery part 1

This is another one of our in depth surgery series. In this video we are bringing you an implant removal, and a mastopexy procedure. It is reasonably common when women get to a certain point in their life when their implants make them look out of proportion, or they have just had enough of them […]

PIP implants compensation ruling upheld by French court

An appeal court in France has upheld a ruling giving compensation to around 1,700 women who received PIP breast implants. Judges ruled that the German firm which certified the implants, TUV Rheinland, must pay 3,000 Euros (£2,470) in damages to each of the women. The firm had previously been found jointly liable, along with French implant […]

Breast Enlargement and Areola Reduction with 390cc Breast Implants

This surgery video involves a breast enlargement procedure combined with an areola reduction. We kick things off with Mr. Richards introducing the video and discussing his markings as he usually does. Part of the breast is tethering which is causing it to be tuberous so he will release that during the course of the surgery. […]

Has Bruce Jenner had surgery to reduce his Adam’’s apple?

Bruce Jenner, father to the (in)famous Kardashians and recent ex to their mother Kris, is known for his numerous surgeries over the years, and indeed is quite open about the work he has done. This time, however, his alleged most recent procedure is set to raise a few eyebrows. The National Enquirer, admittedly not renowned […]

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What Plastic Surgery trends are we likely to see in 2014?

There are certain procedures that will always remain popular and that don’’t see signs of abating any time soon – surgeries such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose job) and tummy tucks. Certain procedures become ‘en vogue’ however, sometimes sticking around for a long time, other times leaving as quickly as they have arrived. So what […]

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Breast Implant Replacement – Unilateral PIP Rupture

The surgery is already well on its way by the time we start the video. It is a breast implant replacement procedure, removing PIP implants, one of them which is ruptured. Our first clip we see is of creamy fluid trickling out of the breast, from a ruptured PIP. Next the pocket is enlarged a […]

Breast Enlargement Patient Testimonial

Laura came to us here at Aurora for a breast enlargement. She originally came for a consultation with Mr. Richards because her friend recommended him as a surgeon for this type of procedure. Laura states in the testimonial that she has been wanting a breast enlargement for approximately 5 years, but didn’t find the courage […]

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