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Areola Reduction – How small can you have the areola?

In this episode of our Areola Reduction FAQ series we discuss how small you can have your areola. The average size of an areola is around 4.5cm in diameter, which is really what we aim for during surgery. However this can depend on your breast size and shape, so sometimes slightly bigger may be more […]

Areola Reduction – How painful is it during and after surgery?

In this video of our Areola Reduction FAQ series we answer the question of how painful the surgery is, and also the recovery. The actual surgery itself is considered a minor operation, which means it can very safely be performed under a local anaesthetic. However if it is combined with a more invasive surgery then […]

Areola Reduction – How do you know if you are suitable?

Here we have another video in our FAQ series for Areola Reduction. Mr Richards discusses the topic of suitability for the procedure. It is quite strange, as this is a question we get asked all the time. Usually it is an afterthought, as a combination surgery on top of a breast enlargement, or reduction. The […]

Areola Reduction – What happens if I gain or lose weight after surgery?

This video is part of our Areola Reduction FAQ series. During this series Mr Adrian Richards, the surgical director of Aurora Clinics gives video responses to many of the questions we get asked on a regular basis. This video covers the topic of post surgery, gaining or losing weight. Now this is always a topic […]

Ruptured PIP removal combined with a Breast Uplift

This surgery video we have here combines the removal of PIP implants, and a breast uplift procedure. The video begins with our patient lay on the operating table, and Mr Richards talks us through the process, and explains what his markings mean in context of this surgery. The next clip we see is of the […]

South Korea set to extend taxes for Cosmetic Surgery

Like much of the rest of the world South Korea is facing a rising social welfare bill amidst a difficult economy, due to the global recession. As a result new sources of revenue are being sought by the government and one area that has been ring-fenced is the cosmetic surgery industry. The cosmetic industry has […]

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Breast Enlargement and Uplift, Inverted Nipple Correction and Tummy Tuck part 2

Here we have a tummy tuck surgery video, which is also being combined with a breast enlargement, uplift and bilateral inverted nipple correction. This is part two, and we are focusing on the tummy tuck portion of the surgery, as we covered the other procedures in part one. The area of skin that will be […]

Breast Enlargement and Uplift, Inverted Nipple Correction and Tummy Tuck part 1

This is a surgery video which involves a breast enlargement procedure, a breast uplift, a bilateral inverted nipple correction and a tummy tuck. The main technique for this surgery will be called the OCEAN™ technique. This is a new technique, pioneered by Mr Adrian Richards, here at Aurora Clinics. The surgery video begins with Mr […]

Breast Enlargement FAQ – What techniques are there for surgery?

In this episode of our breast enlargement series we cover what techniques are there for surgery. The main options we offer at Aurora Clinics are fat transfer and implants. Fat transfer is literally moving fat from one area oof your body into your breasts. This leaves more scarring, and multiple areas of surgery, which means […]

Breast Enlargement FAQ – How soon can I return to work following surgery?

Here we are in another episode of our breast enlargement FAQ series. This question is al about work, and when you can return following the surgery. To be honest, it is quite difficult to say outright, as this really does depend on what you do as a job, and the activities you usually do in […]

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