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Breast Enlargement FAQ – What options are available?

In this video of our breast enlargement FAQ series, we cover what options you have available to you for the surgery. There are many things to discuss, so after your initial consultation we will book you in for a sizing appointment. This will determine the size of implant you feel suits you best in different […]

Breast Reduction – One Week Post Surgery (with pictures)

This is the latest video entry in Kirstie’s video diary following her breast reduction procedure. This video is taken a week following her surgery. She left hospital the day after her previous video, which was made the day after the surgery. She is at home, looking well, and comfortable, and seems very happy with her […]

Breast Enlargement FAQ – What anaesthetic is used?

In this episode of our breast enlargement FAQ series we discuss the anaesthetic used during the procedure. Most of the time, well as a standard it is performed under a general anaesthetic, although you can request it to be performed under a local anaesthetic should you wish. The general anaesthetic we use is a light […]

Implant Removal Surgery – Double PIP Rupture

In this video our patient has her PIP implants removed, as they were causing her problems. They were inserted back in 2005 and over the last few months, the left breast has become painful and has very noticeable swelling. Mr Richards believes this is a seroma, which is a build up of fluid around the […]

Breast Enlargement FAQ – How much does it cost?

In this edition of our breast enlargement FAQ series we cover the cost, and how much it will set you back. Breast enlargement surgery has many variables, and is commonly combined with other procedures, which can alter the cost. We are very transparent about our pricing here at Aurora, and during your consultation you will […]

Breast Enlargement FAQ – What is it?

In this episode of our Breast Enlargement FAQ series, we cover what it basically is. Quite simple, a breast enlargement, or breast augmentation is a surgical procedure where implants are inserted to give a larger and fuller breast appearance. There are different types of breast implants, silicone and saline, which we cover in more depth […]

OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement FAQs – What happens if you gain or lose weight?

In this edition of our OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement FAQ series we cover the topic of what happens if you gain or lose weight post surgery. Basically your breasts are full of glands and tissue, which will have a fluctuation should your body weight change. Your breasts will change size according to the change in your body […]

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