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Areola Reduction

Areola Reduction surgery can help if you are unhappy with either the size or shape of your areolas (the brown or pink area around the nipple). The procedure is quick, simple and can be performed on both men and women.

Areola Reduction

What can Areola Reduction treat?

The main abnormalities that can occur in the areola are as follows.

An enlarged, widened areola:

  • Medical studies have shown that the ideal diameter of the areola should be in the region of 4.7cm (for an average height woman).
  • In many people the areola can be wider than this. If this is the case, you may be suitable for an areola reduction, aimed at reducing the diameter back to in the region of 4.7cm.
  • The ideal diameter of the areola does vary according to the appearance of your underlying bust and needs to look in proportion.

Domed or raised areolas:

  • Some people develop a raised or domed areola due to forward movement of the breast tissue pushing the areola forwards.
  • This can be associated with conditions such as tuberous or tubular breast abnormality.
  • This condition is normally treated with reduction of the underlying breast tissue and reduction in the size of the areola.

Non-circular areolas:

  • Ideally the areola should be circular in shape but in some cases it can be slightly oval.
  • Areola reduction is often performed to reduce the diameter of the areola and also make it more circular.

Abnormalities in the surface of the areola:

  • Some people notice a variation in colour of the areola or possibly small nodules which can appear on the areola surface as small glands.
  • These small glands can be reduced by further surgery to remove them.

What is involved?

Areola reduction surgery is performed by removing a circular area of the outer brown area of the areola. The skin surrounding this is then brought inwards in a purse string fashion to surround the areola. Absorbable stitches inside the areola are used to reduce the diameter and, in most cases, surgeons at Aurora Clinics will use a permanent stitch placed deeply in the tissues to prevent widening of the areola occurring following surgery. By using the permanent stitch it is very unlikely that you would get further widening of the areola and your nipples and the areola should stay in a smaller position. You can watch videos of Aurora Clinics Plastic Surgeon, Mr. Adrian Richards, performing an areola reduction surgery procedure. Areola reduction before and after photos will be shown to you at your consultation so that you can see a range of results previously achieved by your surgeon. This should help you get a better idea of the possible outcome from your surgery.

Benefits of Areola Reduction

The benefits of areola reduction are a permanent reduction in the size of the areola with scarring limited to the junction of the brown skin and the surrounding normal skin of the nipple. The procedure can be performed under either local or general anaesthetic, has a minimum down time and also has the other advantage of tightening up the breast skin and elevating the nipple to a slightly higher position.

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