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OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement

Exclusive to Aurora Clinics, the OCEAN™ breast enlargement is an advanced 3-in-1 procedure that offers you a complete breast makeover in one surgery. Your breasts are enlarged and uplifted, and your areolas reduced, giving your breasts a rounder, fuller and more youthful look.

Considering OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement surgery?

The OCEAN™ breast enlargement, pioneered by Aurora Clinics surgeon Adrian Richards, is an innovative 3-in-1 procedure that uplifts and enlarges your breasts, whilst simultaneously reducing the size of your areolas – all performed through one discreet incision around the areola. The overall effect is to provide a complete rejuvenation of your breasts, giving them a fuller and more ‘pert’ appearance.

The name OCEAN™ was carefully chosen to include the most important features of the procedure:

  • ‘O’ scar – Circular incision around the areola leaves a barely visible scar
  • Combined – Only one surgery for three procedures
  • Enlargement – Breasts are augmented for a fuller, rounder shape
  • Areola reduction – Areolas are reduced in size to accentuate the breasts
  • Nipple lift – Nipples sit higher on the breasts, giving a more ‘pert’ appearance

How will it impact on your life?

Perhaps weight loss or breastfeeding have taken their toll on the shape and fullness of your breasts. Or maybe you’re just unhappy with the size and shape of the breasts you were born with. You may also feel your areolas are too large for your breast size. In all of these cases, the OCEAN™ breast enlargement procedure can help you feel better about your breasts and boost your overall confidence in your body.

Is OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement right for you?

The OCEAN technique is suitable for you if you want to increase the size and rejuvenate the appearance of your breasts, without the need to undergo more than one surgery. Breast uplift and breast enlargement are often performed together, but where the OCEAN™ technique differs from traditional techniques is in combining the two procedures with areola reduction – and performing all three through one circular incision around the areola.

Combining three separate procedures allows our surgeons to give you a dramatic improvement in the overall appearance of your breasts. And carrying out all three through the areola leaves a more discreet scar than traditional techniques – which generally leave a ‘lollipop’ scar running around the areola and vertically down the breast.

As an additional advantage of the OCEAN™ technique, the O shaped scar around the areola can be camouflaged using cosmetic tattooing once you are fully healed. This will match the scar to the natural shade of your areola, leading to a final result that is virtually scarless.

After your surgery and beyond…

Recovery after this procedure differs between each individual. We advise that you don’t drive during your first week after surgery as this may cause discomfort and as you have had a general anaesthetic you may feel groggy. After about a week you should feel fit enough to start doing simple day-to-day activities. Full recovery will be about 6 weeks after surgery. At Aurora, we use special silicone dressings to reduce the visibility of the scarring around your areola.  Read our traditional breast enlargement recovery page for more detailed information on your aftercare and recovery.

The results of this surgery are considered permanent. However, if your weight fluctuates your breasts will change in size accordingly. If you gain weight, they will increase in size causing the breasts to sag and if you lose weight, your implant may become more noticeable. For this reason, we advise you to be your ideal weight and shape prior to surgery to avoid interference later in life.

The next step

We always encourage people to do as much research as they can when considering cosmetic surgery, so for more information on OCEAN™ breast enlargement surgery:

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