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Why would you think about removing your breast implants?

One of the most common questions asked when patients are considering breast augmentation surgery, is the lifespan of the implants. In theory, your implants should last a lifetime, but you must remember that everyones body is different, and reacts in different ways. So what is making women decide to ditch the implants? Here at Aurora […]

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Breast Implant Replacement: 7 Questions Answered

As mentioned in our previous article; 2016 breast surgery trends, we have seen a significant increase in demand for breast implant replacement surgery. If you have previously had a breast augmentation and are considering replacing your breast implants, then read on to find 7 of the most popular questions answered, by our breast surgery experts. 1: […]

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‘Less is More’…emerging breast surgery trends for 2016

After turning 100 last year, the plastic surgery industry is beginning to mature and settle down. Gone are the days of women wanting to overhaul their looks. Now the trend is ‘less is more’. We take a look at what may be driving this change and why we think 2016 is going to be ‘the […]