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Why would you think about removing your breast implants?

One of the most common questions asked when patients are considering breast augmentation surgery, is the lifespan of the implants. In theory, your implants should last a lifetime, but you must remember that everyones body is different, and reacts in different ways. So what is making women decide to ditch the implants? Here at Aurora […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

Breast Implant Replacement – when’s the right time?

If you’ve got breast implants, you’ve probably considered the prospect of having them replaced. But when’s the right time to change your implants? Well, mostly due to conflicting or outdated advice, there’s a lot of confusion about how long breast implants actually last. There’s a common misconception that they’re only good for 10 years, almost […]

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing breast implant removal

Considering Breast Implant Removal? Here’s what you want to know

Celeb Big Brother winner Katie Price has just done it, and she’s by no means alone. More and more women every year are deciding to ditch their breast implants. At our clinics, we saw a 97% increase in women seeking breast implant removal last year. If you’re thinking about taking out your implants, but worried […]

Breast Explantation – a letter from one of our patients

Recently, we’ve been seeing an increasing number of women at our clinics who received breast implants elsewhere and are now looking to remove them. If you’re thinking about implant removal, we understand it’s often a difficult decision. To give you an insight into the process, here is a letter we received last week from one […]

Why women seek to remove their implants – and points to consider if you’re one of them

From talking to breast implant manufacturers in the UK, we estimate that around 30-40,000 women every year receive implants. A significant figure, but one that’s difficult to verify as there is currently no register for patients undergoing breast enlargement. The Keogh report, released in the wake of the PIP implant scandal, recommended the creation of […]

Final verdict on PIP implants published by SCENIHR

On 15 May 2014, the European Commission and the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) published their final opinion on the safety of Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) silicone breast implants. The report is an update of their earlier Opinion issued in 2012, taking into account new evidence that has become available […]

PIP implants – Welsh Government will not reclaim £1.2m removal cost

The Welsh Government have announced they won’’t be reclaiming the £1.2 million cost to the NHS of replacing faulty PIP breast implants fitted by private cosmetic surgery companies. The huge cost was racked up on removing and replacing PIPs between 2012 and 2013, when £819,000 was paid out, and 2013-2014, which saw an additional £422,000 […]

PIP implants compensation ruling upheld by French court

An appeal court in France has upheld a ruling giving compensation to around 1,700 women who received PIP breast implants. Judges ruled that the German firm which certified the implants, TUV Rheinland, must pay 3,000 Euros (£2,470) in damages to each of the women. The firm had previously been found jointly liable, along with French implant […]

PIP implants – worse than originally thought?

A study reported in the International Journal of Surgical Reconstructions has offered a new insight in to the PIP implant scandal – revealing that the instances of rupture may be greater than government reports would have led us to believe. The study, which was conducted by Spire Murray Hospital in Edinburgh, reveals findings that indicate […]

PIP Breast Implant Removal and Replacement (VIDEO)

We have just added another brand new surgery video to the breast implant removal and replacement page of our website. Click on the image and it will take you to the video. This patient originally received 250cc PIP breast implants in 2008 from another clinic. She came to Aurora Clinics seeking to have them removed […]

PIP implants – NHS has received over 7000 referrals to date

New figures show that 7,504 women who received PIP breast implants from private clinics have now been referred to the NHS. Of these, 4,742 went on to have scans and 583 subsequently decided to have their PIP implants removed. Removal has so far been performed on 308 of these women. The NHS has also seen […]

Replacement of ruptured left PIP implant undetected by MRI scan (VIDEO)

We’ve just added a brand new surgical video to the PIP Implants Latest News page on the website. Click here to see it: Removal of Ruptured Left PIP Implant that was Undetected by an MRI Scan. In the video, Mr Adrian Richards removes PIP implants from a patient who received them at another clinic in […]

An inside look at the Nagor breast implants factory (VIDEO)

We have just uploaded our latest video to the website. The video gives you an inside look at the Nagor breast implants factory in Cumbernauld, Scotland. We went up to visit the factory with Sarah, Elaine and Victoria, three Aurora Clinics patients who came to us seeking removal and replacement of their PIP breast implants. In […]

Family blames PIP breast implants for death of healthy mum

A healthy mum from East Lothian who received PIP breast implants in 2006 has died from a rare form of cancer. Forty-year old Susan Grieve lost her battle against lymphoma last month, and her family have spoken of their belief that the PIP implants were to blame. Susan had rupturing in one of her implants, […]

PIP implants’ safety – the NHS verdict is in

Following on from their interim report in January this year, the NHS expert group’s final report into PIP implants has now been published. The main findings from the report are as follows: PIP implants have a higher rupture rate than other brands – around 2-6 times higher. Silicone gel from ruptured PIP implants poses no […]

Scottish fight for a public inquiry into PIP implants goes on

A group of campaigners in Scotland have vowed to continue to fight for a public inquiry into the PIP breast implant scandal after their request was refused by Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon. During a meeting at the Scottish Parliament, the PIP Implants Scotland Group attempted to gain Ms Sturgeon’s support for an immediate “independent, […]

Breast Implants: What is the Difference between the CE Mark & FDA Approval?

A frequently asked question at Aurora Clinics recently has been: “ Are Nagor breast implants as good as Allergan because Allergan have FDA Approval whilst Nagor have a CE Mark instead?”  With increasing numbers of ladies currently opting for implant replacement (following the recent PIP implants scare) this question is on the minds of many. […]

Breast Implant Surgery is for Life, not just Valentines Day!

Be Careful what you Commit to this Valentines Day Breast enlargement surgery with implants is the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment worldwide all year round. Around Valentines Day though, bookings for this treatment typically peak even more as thoughts turn to looking good in lacey lingerie and a special surprise for our partners. This year, […]

Introducing Aurora Clinics’ Team of Expert Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons

Meet Some of our Aurora Clinics’ Expert Surgeons If you have been researching Aurora Clinics UK for your cosmetic surgery procedure, chances are that you found lots of videos and articles by Mr Adrian Richards. Adrian Richards (Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon) Mr. Richards is Aurora’’s Clinical Director and a fantastic surgeon – he was voted […]

Read Real Testimonials about Aurora Clinics PIP Implants Support

Look what others are saying about PIP Implant Removal & Replacement at Aurora Clinics! You’ve seen our many PIP implants videos; you’ve read our PIP blogs; maybe you’ve already even been for your PIP Implants initial consultation? But if you are considering implant removal and replacement (especially of such highly controversial and anxiety-causing implants as […]

Notes on a Scandal: Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Appears on ITV’’s ‘The Silicone Scandal’ PIP Implants Documentary

Aurora Clinics & PIP Implants Making another television appearance regarding the current PIP implants controversy, renowned surgeon Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Clinics appeared on last night’’s ITV feature documentary –- The Silicone Scandal. The show, presented by reporter Chris Choi, highlighted the fear and confusion caused to women worldwide by recent revelations that PIP […]

Mr Adrian Richards warns of the PIP Implant Silent Rupture Rate

Appearing in an interview for ITV International news yesterday (Wednesday 4th January 2012) Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics, Mr Adrian Richards, warned that the reported PIP implant rupture rate may only be the tip of a less apparent iceberg. Obvious breast implant ruptures (also called ‘symptomatic rupture’) produce symptoms you couldn’t miss: changes to the […]

PIP Implants: Keep Calm and Carry On (Cautiously)

If you woke yesterday to the breaking news that the PIP implants controversy had taken yet another turn, you would be forgiven for feeling somewhat confused. The debate over PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) Implant safety is not new. The Aurora Clinics Blog reported back in April on the issues surrounding PIP implant safety . In November, surgical Director […]

French woman’s death sparks renewed PIP fears: Aurora advise about breast implant safety

Guest blog by Amin Elmubarak for Aurora Clinics PIP Implants: The Background According to a popular consumer watch website, on March 30, 2010, France’s health regulators issued a recall of all pre-filled silicone breast implants manufactured by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), a company based in southern France. The breast implant recall is said to affect […]