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OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement using Conical Implants part 5

Here we are in the final part of our OCEAN™ technique surgery using conical breast implants. As we enter the final video we pick up where we left part 4, with Mr. Richards and Mr. Georgeu both sewing up a breast each. They are currently putting in a pursestring stitch, which is a running stitch around […]

OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement using Conical Implants part 4

Part 4 of our OCEAN™ technique and conical implants dual surgeon surgery continues here. We have literally moved on within the same clip of footage, with Mr. Georgeu putting the second implant into the sleeve ready for insertion. He lowers the fold in the right breast too a bit, trying to allow the implant to […]

OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement using Conical Implants part 3

Here we are in part 3 of our OCEAN™ technique surgery using conical implants. We pick up where we left part 2 with Mr. Georgeu creating the pockets. This part of the surgery took about half an hour, but due to the awkwardness of the angles and limited availability to see in what he was doing, […]

OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement using Conical Implants part 2

Here we go, with part two of our in depth OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement using Conical Implants surgery video. As it is our first we want to give you as much of the procedure as possible, so we pick up part two pretty much exactly where we left part 1. Mr. Richards is still doing his part […]

OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement using Conical Implants part 1

This video is a 1st for Aurora Clinics. We have videod an operation, featuring two of our lead surgeons in their own specialist areas. Firstly there is, Mr. Georgeu, who specialises in the use of conical shaped breast implants, and Mr. Richards, the pioneer of the OCEAN™ technique. Our patient requires an enlargement, but would like […]

Breast Augmentation using the OCEAN™ Technique correcting Tuberous Breasts

We begin the video with Mr. Richards introducing the procedure. Our patient is having a breast augmentation combined with an Areola Reduction which will make the OCEAN™ technique. The areolas are not actually too big, but slightly domed. The areola reduction will reduce the doming, and the tuberous breasts will be corrected with the enlargement. […]

Bilateral Breast Augmentation and uplift using the OCEAN™ technique

This video is of a breast augmentation surgery, combined with a mastopexy, using the OCEAN™ technique. As we begin the video, one side of the surgery has already been completed with the  other side about to begin. Mr Richards is introducing the procedure and explaining what he will be doing, and what he has done on […]

Breast Enlargement Surgery (OCEAN™ Technique)

This is a breast enlargement surgery video using the OCEAN™ Technique, pioneered at Aurora Clinics by Mr Adrian Richards. The OCEAN™ Technique is a variation of breast enlargement surgery which involves a peri-areola incision, meaning the implant is inserted through the incision around the areola, meaning the scarring will be much smaller and only around the perimeter […]

Bilateral Breast Augmentation and Uplift (OCEAN™)

This is another surgery video, of a breast augmentation and an uplift, using the OCEAN™ technique – as seen on Channel 4’s “How Not to Get Old”. At the beginning of the video, Mr Richards is talking through the initial process and explaining the markings he has on the patient. He goes over his markings, drawing […]

OCEAN™ Breast Lift

This surgery video is of an OCEAN™ Breast Lift. We begin the video, with our patient already on the operating table, already marked up. Mr Richards explains his markings, showing us the area of skin to remove, and shes it in to highlight the point for the camera. The patient is having her implants inserted […]

Breast Enlargement and Mastopexy (OCEAN™ Technique)

Here we have a surgery video of the OCEAN™ Technique, which is a type of breast enlargement, pioneered by Adrian Richards here at Aurora Clinics. The video begins with Mr Richards introducing the procedure, and what the patient will be having done during this surgery. Our patient has slightly tuberous breasts, and a low nipple position, […]

OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement and Tummy Tuck

Here we have a surgery video that involves our new OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement technique and a tummy tuck. The OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement is a technique for breast augmentation pioneered by Mr Adrian Richards at Aurora Clinics. The surgery video begins as our patient is on the operating table, ready for the procedure to begin. Mr Richards introduces […]

Breast Enlargement and Uplift, Inverted Nipple Correction and Tummy Tuck part 2

Here we have a tummy tuck surgery video, which is also being combined with a breast enlargement, uplift and bilateral inverted nipple correction. This is part two, and we are focusing on the tummy tuck portion of the surgery, as we covered the other procedures in part one. The area of skin that will be […]

Breast Enlargement and Uplift, Inverted Nipple Correction and Tummy Tuck part 1

This is a surgery video which involves a breast enlargement procedure, a breast uplift, a bilateral inverted nipple correction and a tummy tuck. The main technique for this surgery will be called the OCEAN™ technique. This is a new technique, pioneered by Mr Adrian Richards, here at Aurora Clinics. The surgery video begins with Mr […]

Implant Removal and Replacement using the OCEAN™ Technique

In this surgery video, we show you an implant removal and replacement surgical procedure, using our new OCEAN™ technique. We begin the video with our patient on the table, with the markngs already drawn on. Mr Richards talks through the process of the procedure, and the technique he will be using. He will leave the […]

Breast Enlargement, Uplift and Areola Reduction Surgery – OCEAN™ Technique

In this video, we have a patient who has come in for a breast enlargement procedure. She is combining this with an areola reduction and a nipple lift. The implant will be inserted through the outer area of the areola. This is a new procedure for Aurora Clinics, pioneered by our very own, Mr Richards. […]

OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement

We continue to bring you video content on our new surgical procedure, the OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement. The video begins of Mr Richards, stood over the patient who is already anaesthetised, talking us through the procedure. The markings we see are only placed around the nipple and areola areas of the breast, as the implant is […]

Bilateral Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy surgery (OCEAN™ technique)

This is a surgery video performed by Adrian Richards, which shows a breast augmentation and mastopexy combination of surgeries using his new OCEAN™ technique. Our patient in this video has some breast asymmetry, so one side is going to require more of a lift. The right side is suitable for a peri-areola mastopexy which is […]