Implant Removal and Mastopexy Surgery part 3

The midway point of our implant removal and mastopexy 5 parter.

We pick up where we left off, with Mr. Richards sewing up the vertical scar on the right breast. This doesn’t take too long, then he moves over to the left breast and injects it with a local anaesthetic and adrenaline solution. He does this for multiple reasons; one of them being for the patients own comfort post surgery, once she was awoken, and also because the adrenaline helps to prevent bleeding, so as he cuts into the breast, there will be less blood, meaning a cleaner and easier operation.

We are shown two scars on the breast, and we are told one is from her uplift which was many, many years ago, and the other from her implants which was only a few years ago. The implant scar is what is removed first, before making his incision with the cutting diathermy. As the implant is removed we are told it is a Eurosilicone breast implant, in a pretty good condition.

Mr. Richards and Aggie then discuss how a breast uplift makes you look smaller, even though no tissue is removed. They say this because a tighter and more pert bust, looks smaller, even though it has exactly the same volume. This lady however will certainly have smaller breasts as she has had her implants removed, and no replacement.

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