OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement and Tummy Tuck

Here we have a surgery video that involves our new OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement technique and a tummy tuck. The OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement is a technique for breast augmentation pioneered by Mr Adrian Richards at Aurora Clinics.

The surgery video begins as our patient is on the operating table, ready for the procedure to begin. Mr Richards introduces the operation, and gives us a brief rundown of the process he will go through to perform the surgery. The breasts are already marked up, and the implant is going to be inserted through the areola, which is called a peri-areola incision. Our patient is also having an abdominoplasty in this video as she has some excess skin and severely split abdominal muscles.

We move on swiftly, leading us into the surgery already under way. The top layer of skin has been removed leaving the deep white layer of skin without the pigmentation. We got told by Mr Richards where the nipple will be moved to, and also goes on to talk about the implant positioning our patient has chosen. She has gone for something called a dual-plane position, which means that the implant will be half under the muscle and half over the muscle.

Moving on again, the implant has been inserted through the areola. The incision has also been sewn, before Mr Richards talks us through his next stitching process. This part of the video is also skipped and we get to view the right breast in its completed form. The second breast surgery is also skipped over before we quickly move on to the tummy tuck.

The skin of the stomach has already been lifted, and we are shown the muscles, and how wide they appear to be separated. Mr Richards gets his pen and draws on the muscles to highlight the split, so it can be clearly seen for the purposes of the camera. We are told how he will go about stitching them back together, before the camera is shut off for the rest of the actual procedure.

We see the end results, with the breasts looking much fuller, and with a better shape being much more round, with more fullness towards the centre. The new size and shape compliments her frame a lot better, as it looks like a much more natural shape. The tummy is also looked at for the results, with everything looking tighter, and then we see the tissue that was actually removed during the surgery.