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Stretched Earlobe

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Mr Adrian Richards

Surgeon's comment

23 year old male who decided to have his stretched earlobes repaired as he was finding it difficult to find a job because of the appearance of his ears. He had started stretching his ears when he was 16 years old and at their maximum they were 25cm in width. He had not stretched his ears or worn an earring for a year prior to surgery hoping that they would shrink back naturally and would not need to be repaired. We find that surgery is normally needed in people who have stretched their earlobes more than 10cm although this does vary considerably between individuals. His earlobes were repaired under Local anaesthetic with him awake and this took 45 minutes for both sides. A numbing cream was applied to the ears first so that there was minimal pain with the procedure. The photos are taken immediately after the surgery and the earlobe is slightly swollen. At Aurora we specialise in the correction of earlobes and have developed specialist techniques for this. Following surgical repair of the earlobes with our specialist technique the earlobes look normal with minimal scarring.

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