Earlobe repair surgery 17994

  • Before-Split Earlobe repair
    After-Split Earlobe repair
    Before Split Earlobe repair After
  • Before-Split earlobe repair
    After-Split earlobe repair
    Before Split earlobe repair After

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Split Earlobe

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Mr Adrian Richards

Surgeon's comment

A 25 year old with 2 splits in her earlobe. This is a fairly common pattern of splitting and happens in people with naturally soft and small earlobes as in this case. In this case both the splits were removed and the earlobe repaired. Thin absorbable stitches were used which will melt away and do not need to be removed. The patient was given detailed instructions about re-piercing her ear by our expert staff. When the scars have faded the earlobe will look normal and she can wear normal earrings.

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