Inverted Nipple Correction 15413

  • Before-Inverted nipple
    After-Inverted nipple
    Before Inverted nipple After
  • Before-Inverted nipple
    After-Inverted nipple
    Before Inverted nipple After

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Inverted nipple correction

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Immediately after surgery

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Mr Adrian Richards

Surgeon's comment

This lady had Grade 3 Inverted Nipples on both sides, and the before photograph shows the appearance of the typical inverted nipple. This nipple has a small crossways crease which is characteristic of inverted nipples. The slit can vary from being slightly longer or can be a round crater. The surgery takes between 30 to 40 minutes using the Adrian Richards techniques, and re-inversion is very uncommon after surgery. Scarring is minimum and not normally detectable following surgery and sensation in most cases is maintained.

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