Apparently all New Zealand women want for Christmas is… Cosmetic Surgery

A recent survey showed that Kiwi women are in favour of receiving plastic surgery procedures as Christmas presents – as many as 1 in 10 want it as a gift from their other halves this year.

What this highlights is an increasing global trend over attitudes to plastic surgery – that it’’s becoming more mainstream and with less and less taboo surrounding it.

Women have gone from having procedures in secret to openly wanting them as gifts, which makes it clear that they would not find it insulting.

The number of women who are interested in receiving it for Christmas is also indicative of the amount of money they expect to be lavished on them – even in tough economic times.

The most requested surgery is apparently breast enlargement with brow or face lifts a close second.

The survey also questioned the amount that people would spend on their partner – and the result was that men appear to be more generous. Men were planning on spending on average the equivalent of £134 whereas their female counterparts will spend a comparatively measly £86.

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