Are Plastic Surgeons really doctors of the mind as well?

On the surface, the role of the Plastic Surgeon is merely about, well, the surface. But are they responsible for going deeper than that, to help fix what is within? Or should they not have to bear the burden of that responsibility?

One of the original doctors involved in modern, aesthetic plastic surgery has spoken out over his belief that plastic surgeons are also “surgical psychiatrists” and that when they “change the outside they also change the inside.”

Speaking to The Sunday Times of Malta, Dr F. Fournier, who co-invented liposuction and is now in his eighties, made it clear that he felt the role of the plastic surgeon was to increase his patients’’ happiness and that he strongly believed in the “democratisation of beauty”.

His basic tenet is that if someone has a physical anomaly that makes them unhappy that modifying it will increase their confidence and therefore their happiness. Therefore he sees plastic surgery as an answer to mental distress over appearance, as well as merely improving someone’’s appearance.

Certainly changing something about your appearance that you are unhappy with can make a huge difference to how you feel. A good plastic surgeon will also understand that it is personal feelings that are stake too, when someone opts to change something about their appearance, and will help the patient to recognise that.

As such they will help to you spend enough time to take careful consideration over the planned procedure, as well as attempting to ascertain whether or not there are deeper emotional issues at stake that no amount of surgery will fix.

Although Dr. F Fournier appears to believe that it’s entirely his role to help someone’’s state of mind, it should also be pointed out that a plastic surgeon cannot, and should not, be the only person to assess deep psychological problems. If someone is seeking surgery to help plaster an inner problem, then it may well be that an alternative solution is required.

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