Bizarre Plastic Surgery mimicry from around the world

Discovering the Filipino man who spent much of his adult life and finances re-stylising himself in the look and shape of Superman got us wondering what other wacky plastic surgery emulations have happened around the globe.

So, with a little research we have come up with some of the best……

1. Queen Nefertiti

A 49-year-old artist from the UK has spent approximately £200,000 over 20 years and 51 operations in a bid to transform herself in the ancient Egyptian Queen. She apparently believes that she is in fact Queen Nefertiti reincarnated, hence her years-long obsession with becoming physically like her.

2. Chinese wife ordered to copy look of deceased former wife

32-year-old Zhao Gong from Chongqing City in China made his wife undergo several plastic surgery operations in order to become more like his previous wife who had died in a car accident three years earlier. Although the new wife admitted she felt “conflicted” over the surgeries she ultimately made the decision as she wanted to keep her husband.

3. Identical twins go through identical surgeries

British twins Jo and Kerry Burton have undergone £60,000 worth of plastic surgery between them and have mirror image operations each time. It all started when Jo decided to have surgery on her nose and twin Kerry followed, not wishing to look dissimilar to her. They have since had a boob job each, eye lifts, permanent make-up, Botox and more. They have each procedure at the same time and by the same doctor, in order that the outcome will be exactly the same.

4. Michael Jackson lookalike

A white, female Michael Jackson impersonator has spent a career looking like her idol Michael Jackson. She has also spent £8,000 on getting her nose, cheeks and chin remodelled to look even more like him.

5. US Octomum copies other famous Mum

Nadya Suleman, who rose to fame following the birth of her octuplets now sports a rather different look from the one that graced newspaper and magazine covers not long after the births of her giant brood. She appears to have had rhinoplasty and a lip augmentation and now looks very much like Angelina Jolie, who is just short of Suleman’s 8 with 6 children of her own.

6. Barbie

Lastly, Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova has become a global sensation over her doll-like appearance. Her look includes large blue eyes, a tiny nose, full lips and a tiny waist, prompting speculation that she has gone under the knife. She however denies any surgeries, putting the extreme look down to clever make-up. Hmm.

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