US TV star sued by Plastic Surgeon over Body Lift surgery

An American reality TV star is being sued by her plastic surgeon for making untrue claims about complications following her surgery with him, and for not paying her medical bill.

Star of the show ‘Mob Wives’, 43-year-old Renne Graziano, claimed that she almost died following her full body lift, after losing 6 pints of blood after the surgery.

She claims her surgeon, Dr Andrew Klapper, also 43, had also neglected to inform her of the possible risks associated with the surgery.

Dr Klapper refutes the claims, which he believes are backed up by Graziano’’s failure to make the claim for a legal or official standpoint. Instead her claims have been the subject of media interviews. He is suing her for $77 million as he asserts she has cost his clinic business through loss of reputation.

Her surgery was aired on the reality show and supposedly took place in June 2011. He further claims that she has still left her $30,000 bill for the surgery unpaid.

The reality documentary follows the women in New York’’s mafia – Graziano’’s father is a high-ranking member of La Cosa Nostra and is currently about to serve a prison sentence. The show is the creation of Graziano’’s sister and is produced by VH1 and The Weinstein Company.

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