What can be done for my arms following weight loss?

Following weight loss, one of the most common areas to develop excess skin is the inner arm region. This is manifested by skin which can hang down on the inner arm areas producing arm side cleave bulges.

Unfortunately, this skin will not tone up following exercise as it has been stretched beyond its capacity to recoil naturally. The best option for this area is often a Brachioplasty procedure, which is also known as an Arm Lift operation.

In this procedure the excess skin is removed from the area by surgical excision, leaving a scar which lies in the inside of the arm and into the armpit region.

The scar is placed so that it lies on the arm against the body, so that it’s not visible from behind or in front when you have your arm by your side. This form of surgery is very effective at reducing excess skin in the arm region.

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