What is the best age for Breast Uplift surgery?

What is the best age to consider breast uplift surgery?

Women consider breast uplift surgery at various ages of their lives for the following general reasons:

Under the age of 25:

Women under the age of 25 do have breast uplift procedures and this is normally prior to having children. This is normally due to an abnormality of the shape or size of their bust as they develop.

The conditions that cause this can cause breast droop which can occur without weight loss or pregnancy and can be due to conditions such as tuberous, tubular or constricted breasts. These conditions produce a low nipple position which can be corrected with a breast uplift procedure.

Many women as they develop do have significant differences between the size and shape of their bust. Whilst many people will notice that one breast is slightly larger than the other this change can be very significant in some people causing great difficulty in getting appropriate clothing and in social interactions.

Abnormalities in the development of the breast shape are caused by a variety of factors including possible lack of blood supply to the area during very early development inside the uterus. These abnormalities are often best treated with a breast uplift procedure under the age of 25.  

Between the ages of 25 and 45:

This is the period where most women will have their children and this can produce significant changes to the bust. The changes do vary considerably between individual to individual but similar patterns tend to run in families.

Whilst the degree of increase in volume in the bust whilst pregnant and breastfeeding varies considerably between individuals, as a general rule the larger your increase the greater will be your decrease.

The greater increase in size produces more stretching of the skin which does not always fully contract. This can produce relative looseness in the skin of the breast with subsequent downward movement of the nipple.

Also following pregnancy and breastfeeding the breasts can return to different volumes. Some people return to similar breast shape and volume to what they were before pregnancy, whereas other people become smaller often losing significant amount of volume from the upper part of their breast producing a scalloped appearance.

Many women after they finish child bearing opt to have these changes corrected and these can involve breast uplift or breast implant procedure depending on the desired volume and appearance of the bust. 

After the age of 45:

Unfortunately as we age our skin does lose strength and the texture also changes. This increase in elasticity and support offered by the skin, can produce further descent of the nipples after the child bearing years and the breast uplift procedure (mastopexy) can be used to tighten up the skin and elevate the nipples to a more normal position which should lie approximately halfway between your shoulders and your elbows with your arms straight down beside you.

Overall there are many reasons for having breast uplift procedures and if you are considering this treatment it will be worth listening to our free information CD on breast uplift surgery.

Our free information CD includes: a discussion of the reasons the breasts change with time;• the different mastopexy techniques and scars; the pros and cons of each technique; the likely results following each technique; the recovery period; tips to get as good a result as possible; possible complications of surgery

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