Why does skin not recoil naturally following significant weight loss?

Following significant weight loss, the skin does not naturally recoil to its appearance prior to surgery. This is because the skin has been stretched beyond its natural ability to recoil.

The small collagen fibres within the skin form a structure to help support it. If these small fibres are stretched this results in the breaking of it and it means they are unable to recoil naturally.

Generally, it is more likely to recoil in youthful thicker skin but less likely to do so in thinner older skin. Once the fibres are broken they are unable to naturally recoil after a weight loss and the excessive skin will not be taken on naturally in the body.

After weight loss the only real option for reducing the excess skin is to remove the skin by operation. The type of operation varies according to the area of skin to be treated and can include:

  • tummy tuck or body lift procedure for the abdomen
  • thigh lift procedure for the thighs
  • breast augmentation procedure for the chest
  • arm lift procedure for the arms (brachioplasty)
  • neck lift procedure for the neck.

We will be discussing in future blogs what’s involved in these procedures.

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