Botched buttock implants video sweeps internet

Rarely will a day go by without some amusing internet clip or other going viral, transcending national and cultural boundaries and offering something to while away the time in an over-lit, over or under-heated office whilst also giving the cute kittens of the internet a temporary break.

Last week it was a not-for-the-squeamish clip of not only a butt implant gone wrong, but of the recipient manually flipping it back in to place.

The video clip starts with the woman revealing her obviously enhanced derriere with one cheek sporting what might best be described as a travel iron shaped and sized protrusion.

Chatting with the videographer she utters the reasonably obvious, “”I don’’t think an implant is supposed to do that”,” whilst trying to get some leverage under the implant to pop it back in to its rightful place.

Something that she is able to do in the comfort of her own home, in her underwear, and for a clip to be broadcast all over the world – but it might be less convenient to tend to the pesky implant should she find herself waiting for a bus or at her local shop when it pops back out again.

The botched operation is a result of the implant not being properly attached to the muscle in the buttock, leaving a gap for the silicone to ‘break free’. It highlights perhaps a worrying trend that some women are opting for bigger bottoms without properly checking the medical credentials of their practitioners.

Aurora Clinics do not offer buttock implants, since our surgeons know the results can often be unsatisfactory. However, we do offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures for both the face and body. For information or advice on any of our surgical treatments, contact us on 01324 578290 or email mailto:info@aurora-clinics.local.

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