Can implants be removed and replaced in one surgery?


I had breast enlargement surgery 10 years ago but my right breast has deflated. I sought the advice of a surgeon who told me that I need to have the implant removed so as the area can heal. He told me that a new one can only be fitted when this procedure has been carried out.

I was wondering if this is correct as I know of many people who have had implants removed and replaced in one go.


Thank you very much for your enquiry. Normally a surgeon would remove a deflated implant, clean the area and insert a new one during the same surgery. It is unusual to leave a patient without implants unless there is good reason such as infection.

If this is the case, it is recommended that you wait for the infection to clear before fitting new ones. If you do not have an infection in this area, we recommend that you have both implants removed and replaced in one go.

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