Can Mole Removal cause pitted skin?


Two years ago, I had a mole biopsied which resulted in the lesion being completely removed. This left a hole on my shoulder and there was no further intervention from the doctor.

After a short spate of time, the area turned into a hypertrophic scar which looks like a hard, raised bump equivalent to the size of the crater which was left in my upper arm.

I returned to the surgeon a year later and the area was injected with a steroid which has now left a pitted indentation in my skin which is very noticeable. In fact, people make a point of drawing my attention to the area and enquiring as to why my skin has this odd appearance.

I would like to know if the doctor should have stitched the area since mole removal had left a hole in my skin. This surely, would have prevented a scar from developing. Is there any treatment to remove a depressed hypertrophic scar so as the skin does not sink into my shoulder?


Thank you very much for your email.

I am sorry that you have a noticeable scar on your shoulder since your mole removal. It may be that the doctor should have stitched the area at the time although it is difficult to say for certain at this stage.

I think it would be useful if you send in a photograph of the scarred area so as we can have a good look at it and provide an opinion as to the most appropriate treatment for you. Please attach your photo and send it to: with a brief description of how the scar occurred and how long it has been there.

Alternatively, you could schedule a consultation with one of our specialist surgeons to discuss the best way forward for you. If you would prefer this option, please ring us on: 01324 578290.

Best Wishes,

The Aurora Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Team

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