Celebrity Big Brother’’s Heidi Montag regrets her honesty over Plastic Surgery

Heidi, along with husband Spencer Pratt, has travelled from the States to grace UK screens on Channel 5’s reality show.

More often seen on US show The Hills, the couple have made a career from reality TV. Heidi became much more famous worldwide however when she revealed the extent of the plastic surgery procedures she had undertaken, including a boob job, lip fillers and liposuction.

The star seemed more reticent over her honesty on Tuesday’’s show, when she was seen discussing her decision to go public with fellow contestant Rylan Clark. When the flamboyant X Factor finalist quizzed her on it she responded by saying:

““Yeah I did (get surgery), it was just when I was young. I wanted it and I got a few things done, and then I got a few more things done. I kind of wish I’d never talked about it and that I’’d kept it more private.””

She then went on to explain that she thought honesty was better than lying about it but that her strategy “kind of backfired”. As a result she even soured relationships with members of her family revealing that she stopped speaking to her Mum for two years, despite previously being “best friends”.

She also attributed that to The Hills changing her personality, and that she didn’’t assert her true self enough.

Heidi and Spencer escaped eviction last night whilst ex-model Paula Hamilton was the first to leave the show.

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