Cosmetic Surgery predictions for 2013

Both here in the UK and globally, various surveys have uncovered what’s hot and what’’s not in the land of Cosmetic Surgery – with figures out from top procedures to the total number of operations through to the amount of money spent, for both 2012 and 2011.

A new study by French-based IMCAS, a forum for plastic surgeons and dermatologists, has revealed their predictions for the industry for this year, 2013.

Their estimates cover both surgical procedures and non-invasive treatments and make the projected forecast a growth of 10%, which is the same amount of growth as 2012.

The total spend on cosmetic procedures last year –- both surgical and non-surgical –- was 4.4 billion Euros; the estimated total for 2013 will be 4.9 billion Euros.

The fastest-growing market will be Asia, as it is currently, and will experience a 14% increase. For Europe the growth will be smaller, though still a considerable 6.6% rise in procedures.

Whilst most surgeries and treatments saw a rise during 2012, breast augmentations actually dipped in Europe, by some 9.2%, possibly due to the PIP implant scare.

Despite this decrease the numbers were up overall worldwide – 2012 saw an increase of 1.6%. 2013 predictions suggest that the downturn in breast surgery will be temporary however, with a projected growth of 5.2% year on year from this year until 2017.

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