David Walliams in Plastic Surgery jibe at fellow BGT judge Simon Cowell

Plastic surgeryThe pair, who are friends in real life but enjoy heated banter on Britain’’s Got Talent, are regularly seen serving catty comments to each other whilst on the panel.

This week funnyman Walliams had a dig at Cowell’’s purported plastic surgery procedures, by quizzing him: “

“How old are you? You’’ve had a lot of work done.””

It’’s not the first time that Cowell has received such speculation but it’’s the first time he has been accused of it to his face and in public.

His recent appearance on X Factor USA led to the media questioning whether he had had facial fillers, as well as the regular Botox that he has admitted to getting.

Walliams and Cowell regularly poke fun at each other, as the comic also questioned Cowell’’s likeability factor. The 53-year-old replied with good humour, insisting that his job was to be a good judge, not to be liked.

Though they spar for the TV show they are mates in real life, with Walliams even taking to Twitter later to tell the public that he was feeding the music mogul ice-cream.

Walliams has recently been quoted in the media for his views on plastic surgery, telling the press that as a comedian he doesn’’t believe that it’’s his job to look good, and that the role relies too heavily on making funny faces.

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