Dermaroller for stretchmarks

What are stretchmarks?

Did you know that it is not only overweight people who suffer from stretchmarks? Many who are naturally slim experience stretchmarks due to pregnancy, when the skin expands much more than usual. Others are left with stretch marks in their twenties after hormones cause periods of fluctuating weight throughout puberty.

Stretchmarks (or stria/striae) are very common amongst both women and men. These narrow streaky lines which develop on the surface of the skin are usually red or purple to begin with then fade to a silverish colour.

They are caused by the skin rapidly stretching considerably, causing the dermis (middle layer of the skin) to break and the deeper layers to show through.

Dermaroller for stretchmarks

Many people with stretchmarks find them distressing and unsightly, particularly in Summer when they want to wear more revealing clothing.

There are a few options for treating stretchmarks: • some creams and oils claim to be able to lessen the marks. Of these, Bio-Oil  is by far the best.

However, as the makers of Bio-Oil admit, the oil is best used as a preventative for stretchmarks (particularly in pregnancy) rather than a cure once you have them: “stretchmarks are permanent in nature, and although Bio-Oil is specifically formulated to help improve their appearance, it will never remove them entirely.”

Laser therapy can be used for stretchmarks, but this is usually very expensive (and not available on the NHS) and you will need many treatments to really see a difference.

A really good treatment for stretchmarks, however, which is more permanent and effective than oils or lotions and not as expensive as laser therapy is the Dermaroller. As Sarah Smith of iheartcosmetics found, after three dermaroller sessions, her “skin was fresher, smoother, better texture, firmer and most importantly the stretchmarks are only 98% invisible!”

You can read a complete review by Sarah Smith of Dermaroller as a treatment for stretchmarks here.

Often thought of just for the face and décolletage areas, Genuine Dermaroller have now introduced a larger roller which is perfect for dealing with the common stretchmark areas (tummy, buttocks and thighs) as it covers a larger area more effectively than the smaller roller used on the face.

More about Dermaroller

Dermaroller is a needling technique, where tiny 1.5mm needles are rolled over the skin to stimulate natural repair and regeneration. As a result skin looks smoother, brighter, healthier and younger.

As well as stretchmarks, Dermaroller is particularly good for acne scarring, aged and sun damaged skin, lines and wrinkles.

Please do beware counterfeit Dermaroller products! There are a number of companies and individuals selling fake treatments or Dermarollers to use at home. These are potentially very dangerous, as needles of the wrong length or angle can cause serious damage, and practitioners should be fully trained in the Dermaroller technique.

Genuine Dermaroller therapy is only available from trained medical practitioners and authorised clinics. It is vitally important to only use a genuine product and to have it done in clinic.

Aurora Clinics do offer Dermaroller with our experienced Aesthetic Nurse. For a consultation or further information please call us on 01324 578290.

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