Dubai doctor reveals Liposuction as most popular procedure, with 17% of patients from the UK

Dr Luiz Toledo has revealed statistics on the shape of plastic surgery culture in Dubai, which is surprisingly different from our own. Despite that, many UK citizens still fly there for operations.

The most common surgery is liposuction for fat removal, whereas here the most common surgery requests are for breast augmentation procedures.

By contrast, Dubai’’s breast augmentation patients only account for 5% of all procedures and are now less popular than buttock augmentations, which make up 7% of all surgeries.

After liposuction the next most popular is nose surgery.

Dubai’’s patients hail from far and wide, however, with just under half actually coming from the UAE. UK residents make up the next biggest proportion of patients, with the rest coming from various places around the world.

Where the region does adhere to international trends is with the gender divide – 90% of all patients are women. However for Dr Toledo’’s clinic the number of male patients is as high as 14%, a figure which he says is on the rise.

He has also noted the increase in the number of non-invasive procedures being performed, another trend which is being witnessed worldwide.

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