Dubai hosts a world first – a live Plastic Surgery workshop

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai has made plastic surgery history by performing the first ever live cosmetic surgeries.

The surgery firsts formed part of the Middle East’’s fifth International Congress in Aesthetic, Anti-Aging Medicine and Medical SPA (ICAAM 2012) held on 24 and 25 November, with surgeons from France, the US, Lebanon, Ecuador, Belgium and UAE performing various operations.

Amongst those being performed was a breast enlargement procedure that used an autologous fat graft into the breasts as opposed to a more traditional saline or silicone implant. Two surgeons performed the surgery together – American Academy resident plastic surgeon Dr. Hasan Ali and Dr. Yves Surlemont who lives and practices in France.

The surgeons extolled the virtues of the operation as an alternative for women who for whatever reason are not comfortable with having an implant put in to their body.

Dr. Ali also praised the operation for essentially killing two birds with one stone, as the procedure also offers body-contouring to other parts of the body. Because the fat that’’s implanted into the breast is extracted via liposuction from elsewhere he hailed it as a more time-effective solution than previous fat grafting methods have been.

As well as seeing real-life operations being performed the 25 plastic surgery delegates in attendance, who operate from the Middle East area, were able to learn about new techniques and industry updates through a series of workshops and seminars, spread across the two days.

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