Ed Miliband would need £14,000 of Plastic Surgery for a ‘face of success’, whilst Cameron and Clegg have the facial advantage

Males seek both surgical and non-surgical enhancementResearch has been carried out to discover what comprises a successful face – one that speaks of power and business acumen.

100 people were asked to look at 100 faces and rate them on how successful they looked likely to be. Size of head, eyes and lips were taken in to account, as was the prominence and positioning of features.

As a result the research team created the prototype successful male and female face – and consequently compared to it to current figures who hold visible, high-powered roles within society.

What better place to start than politics – the highest echelon of power within the public sector. And true to life those who hold a higher degree of power in the governmental hierarchy, the more closely their faces matched the archetypal ideal.

Shadow leader Ed Miliband’’s lack of ruling power in reality is echoed by his less-than-impressive face, according to this research. Comparing his looks to the ideal, the research team estimated he’’d need to spend almost £14,000 on various plastic surgery procedures. These would include rhinoplasty, a brow lift, eyelid bag removal (blepharoplasty) and a chin augmentation.

Similarly, Boris Johnson’’s face didn’t fare too well, with an estimated £11,847 of work needed to improve his looks. On the other hand, the Prime Minister and Deputy PM were much closer to the ideal. Both David Cameron and Nick Clegg had the closest match to the successful male face.

Arguably though, both Miliband and Johnson have achieved a great deal of career success despite their supposed flaws!

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