Facelift surgeries on the rise whilst Breast Enlargements dip

BAAPS have produced their yearly review on the volumes of surgeries being performed by their 230 registered surgeons in the UK each year. For the first time the number of surgeries performed looks to have reached a plateau, with a growth of 0.2% overall.

Whilst breast enlargement surgeries remained the most popular procedure the number performed had dropped by 1.6% from 2011, to 9,854. This may have been impacted by the PIPs scandal, though BAAPS President Rajiv Grover confirms that breast implants “remains a very safe operation.”

It seems that people have become more willing to undertake surgery to take back the years – with a marked increase in the number of both men and women seeking facelifts, of 14 and 13% respectively.

The number of men getting brow lifts rose dramatically, by 19%.

Liposuction procedures dipped slightly, although this could be attributable to the number of non-invasive fat removal treatments that have been introduced on the market.

The analysis was only performed on BAAPS registered surgeons so does not include statistics on non-invasive procedures or those who were performed by non-registered doctors.

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