Facelifts are effective for at least five years, says leading Plastic Surgeon

An eminent Plastic Surgeon has undertaken extensive research to discover exactly how long a facelift lasts and is confident that the age-reversing effects last for a minimum of five years in most cases.

Dr Barry Jones, who was once the President of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and now works at Great Ormond Street Hospital as emeritus consultant and craniofacial surgeon, has spent time researching the outcomes over time using state-of-the-art technology.

He and his assistant, Dr Steven Lo, plastic surgeon at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, took a vast number of photographs of patients who have had ‘deep plane’ facelifts, at 6 days, 4 weeks and 5 years after surgery.

By keeping all the variables the same and by using the light in the eyes to guarantee exactness, they were able to produce photographs that were identical to each other, in order to give correct readings.

In addition to judging the faces via computer wizardry the faces were also analysed by a panel of people, who remarkably came to the same conclusions that the technology did. ‘

Deep plane’ facelifts are when the muscles behind the neck and ears are tightened, rather than the skin itself being pulled taut. Dr Jones’’ findings revealed that more than three quarters of facelift recipients still looked better and significantly younger after 5 years: “

“This study provides validated evidence for the first time that positive aesthetic changes from facelift surgery are maintained over several years, with 76 per cent of patients still looking better more than five and a half years after deep plane facelift surgery than they did before.””

He also believes that this research will be of benefit to the industry as it will help doctors better inform prospective facelift patients over how long they can expect the effects to last.

Dr Jones will present his findings to the Royal College of Surgeons this week.

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