Has Kelly Rowland had some cosmetic help with her curves?

Kelly Rowland performed at the VH1 Divas ceremony in LA at the weekend, wearing a skin-tight catsuit which prompted speculation that she may have hd surgery to increase the size of her behind.

Compared to other photographs of the singer it would appear, in certain shots, that her buttocks are more plumped than they have previously been.

The ex-Destiny’’s Child singer has admitted before that she wouldn’’t rule out surgery to maintain her curves and is also open about the breast augmentation she has had done. Talking on the subject of remaining ‘bootylicious’ she has previously admitted that: “

“If my butt is failing I’’m going to pick it up. I’’m not against it. I love having curves and having a bum (and) men love having something to hold on to!””

The singer is also a fan of working out and keeping her body at its optimum that way –- she has famously told her of daily 200 sit-ups each day which are responsible for her enviably toned tummy.

Whether she has had buttock implants or was wearing padded knickers on Sunday (or otherwise a funny camera angle), we all agree that the star is looking good.

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