Human ‘Barbie’ to spend thousands on daughters this Christmas – including Plastic Surgery vouchers

Plastic surgery fan Sarah Burge has appeared on TV both here and in the US, defending her Christmas gift buying habits for her three daughters, which this year will include plastic surgery vouchers for the trio, the youngest of which is only 8.

The 51-year-old mother is herself no stranger to cosmetic procedures and has spent around £250,000 over the last 20 years and had over 100 procedures. Work has included lip augmentation, breast enlargement and many more.

She has attracted criticism for indulging her daughters in her hobby before – even admitting in 2010 that she administered Botox to her then 15-year-old daughter.

Her most recent appearance on This Morning was ostensibly to defend her present buying habits – she has admitted that she will spend £18,000 on presents for her daughters this year – however she also discussed her decision to include plastic surgery vouchers in her gifts.

Burge is no stranger to the media and indeed, as well as the plastic surgery clinic she owns, her media appearances or ‘career’ may also help to fund her lavish lifestyle, including her ostentatious gift-giving.

In fact she was touring America to publicise herself during the summer when a TV chat show host refused to carry on with the interview as he was uncomfortable with the fact that she encourages her children to get plastic surgery.

Her plans are to turn her house in to a Christmas grotto and to make it as magical as possible. Despite sitting on the show next to psychologist Liz Fraser, who clearly disapproved of the big expenditure, Burge doesn’’t believe that spending thousands on her daughters will spoil them.

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