Is there a ‘right’ time to get Liposuction?

An American plastic surgeon has posited an interesting theory which may help prospective liposuction patients to decide when the right time to seek the treatment is. He believes that the colder months of autumn and winter make for the optimal time for surgery.

What Dr Mark Deutsch, who operates out of the southern city of Atlanta, Georgia, is saying makes sense when you think about it, although what can tend to happen is that patients seek liposuction treatments in the summer in a knee-jerk reaction to having to reveal more of themselves suddenly.

Liposuction can take a number of weeks to recover from, during which time a compress will have to be worn. Not only does this work less well with summer clothing than winter clothing but it can also result in making the patient too warm when the temperature is higher. Winter provides the perfect opportunity to hide the bandages under baggier or simply larger items of clothing.

Leaving liposuction treatment to the summer months may also mean that the patient runs short of time before being able to reveal the newly svelte area. Having the treatment in advance will mean that it will be fully recovered from by the time the bikinis and beach wear are brought out.

People also tend to spend more of the winter days and evenings inside whereas during the summer there’’s more temptation to stay outside and enjoy the longer daylight hours. Far better to keep the recovery time for when there’s not much going on.

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