Jane Fonda extols the virtues of subtle Facelift surgery

Jane Fonda, 75, has had a long and successful Hollywood movie and fitness career and she attributes this at least in part to the subtle yet effective plastic surgery that she has had over the years.

Her aim when getting a facelift was to leave some wrinkles and character in her face so that the effects were not too obvious and she explicitly told her doctor this.

Talking to a US tabloid she told them: “

“I don’’t like it when it’s overdone. I made sure that they kept my lines. I didn’’t want to lose my wrinkles, I just wanted to lose the bags under my eyes.””

She even goes as far as crediting the successful surgery with extending her movie career by another five years – her still-active movie career has spanned decades and includes two movies set for release next year, ‘The Butler’ and ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’.

She puts the rest of her good looks down to genetics, good sex and an active and healthy lifestyle.

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