Keloid scars – what treatment options do I have?

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Scarring Question:

Hi there, I saw your video on YouTube concerning keloid scars and thought I’d make an enquiry.

I have quite a big keloid scar around the size of a marble, maybe bigger, mainly on the back of my ear at the top where the cartilage is, but also inside the top of my ear. It’s been there around two years now and is the result of an old cartilage piercing that I have now taken out.

At first I wasn’t that bothered about it but now it’s causing a lot of stress and self-consciousness. I saw in your video that maybe steroid injections and other forms of treatment may be available but I wanted to enquire about cost and the effectiveness of the treatments? Thank you.

Scarring Answer:

Thank you very much for your enquiry, and thank you very much for watching our video.

It does sound as if you have a significant keloid on your ear and unfortunately the natural progression of keloids is to slowly increase in size and become more itchy and uncomfortable.

The best way of treating these initially is with steroid injections and this is a relatively inexpensive treatment that can be performed easily by any plastic surgeon and takes approximately 10 minutes. You may well need the steroid injection to be repeated every 6 weeks or so to reduce the size of the keloid.

On some occasions the steroid is not strong enough to control the keloid and further options may be necessary such as removing the keloid with surgery followed by steroid therapy to limit the risk of the keloid recurring.

I think it would be worthwhile scheduling a consultation with a local plastic surgeon to discuss the best way forward for you, and if you did wish to, one of our surgeons would be delighted to see you.

Many thanks for your enquiry.

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