Key decisions when considering Breast Enlargement

If you are considering getting breast implants it’’s likely that your primary reason for doing so is to increase your cup size. However, size is not the only thing to consider and there are other decisions to make when it comes to choosing the right implant for you.

Implant type

The most commonly used implant in the UK is silicone, however saline is another safe alternative. Typically silicone is more expensive but it is often preferred as it tends to create a more natural-feeling breast.

Saline implants are slightly cheaper than their silicone equivalents, and some people choose them for this reason – as well as the fact that saline is a naturally occurring substance.

Implant shape

There are two basic types of shape for implants – round or contoured. The former will produce a rounded curve with as much volume at the top of the breast as the bottom. A contoured implant follows a more naturally occurring shape and so the volume will be largest at the bottom of the implant.

Which to opt for will depend on whether or not you wish to achieve a more obvious or more subtle result.

Implant texture

There is also the option to choose the texture of the implant – soft or textured. Textured implants may help to reduce the possibility of scar tissue hardening around the implant, however may result in a rippled effect in patients who are slim and with limited body fat to naturally sit around the implant.

Implant profile

The overall look of the breast augmentation will also depend on the profile of the implant – this is how forward protruding (or otherwise) the implant will be.

Implant size

Finally, a decision on the size of the implant will also need to be made. This refers to the volume of the implant.

When choosing to have breast implants, it is important to make sure you discuss all the various options with your surgeon in order to best achieve your desired outcome. If you would like any more information on breast enlargement, the Aurora team will be happy to advise you on 01324 578290 or email

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