Liverpool most likely to spend lottery win on Plastic Surgery

The Euromillions has conducted research in to what Brits would be most likely to spend their money on if they won the jackpot. They found a whopping 1 in 4 from Liverpool would opt to spend their winnings on plastic surgery as their priority.

The average for the whole of the UK was 1 in 10. It seems we are all a little tempted by vanity however, as 1 in 5 throughout the UK would spend their winnings on designer clothes first, and 14% would get a personal trainer.

Manchester proved to be the city most obsessed with its clothes with the majority, 29%, choosing designer clobber as their first purchase.

We are a giving nation still however, with giving away to family members and charity also popular ways of parting with lottery cash.

Leicester appear to be the most family-oriented city in the UK as they would offer 20% of their winnings to family members. Aberdeen proved to be the most charitable and would give on average 11% to charity.

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