Male Breast Reduction surgery on the rise

American plastic surgeons are reportedly offering an increasing number of male breast reduction operations to help eliminate gynecomastia in males.

Gynecomastia is the medical term for male breasts, or, as they are often coined in the press, ‘man boobs’. It’’s unclear if this is a result of a surge in the number of those suffering from the condition or simply that there is an increase in the number of people seeking surgery.

Perhaps it is more likely that it is due to the fact that men (and boys) are becoming more conditioned to attach more importance to their physical condition, and as a result feel under more pressure to look their best.

The doctors who have reported the rise attribute it to men wanting to look their peak in the boardroom. Gone are the days when it was acceptable for men at work to look overweight and unhealthy, and instead executives believe that looking as if they are in tip-top condition is a better outward sign of overall success.

Arguably there was once a time when men in positions of power wore their middle-aged spread as a stamp of honour and mark of their success – it’’s clear however that that association has all but disappeared in the more health-conscious 21st century.

However that is not to imply that the condition is only associated with extra weight in men, although it can be more prevalent or at least more obvious in men who are carrying extra weight. Estimates reveal in fact that as many as 60% of men and boys worldwide suffer from the problem to some extent.

Coming to terms with and accepting this means breaking down the barriers of defining gender in such binary terms – which is already scientifically self-evident yet less accepted socially. Many men show signs of femininity, either mentally or physically or both, and the same is true the other way round.

Despite this, gynecomastia remains very distressing for most sufferers and although there is no inherent danger physically there is a very real chance of significant suffering psychologically.

Boys with the condition are often the subject of repeated taunting and bullying and both men and boys will usually try to hide the condition with baggy tops.

Avoiding exercise and team sports is also a likely outcome, the result of which will usually exacerbate the problem as it can lead to extra weight gain – particularly unhealthy in the young.

In extreme or psychologically burdensome cases, surgery to remove the extra breast tissue is often the best course of action, enabling the man or boy to feel comfortable with their own body once again.

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