Michelle Heaton has double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer

Ex-Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton recently told TV’’s Lorraine Kelly of her decision to have a double mastectomy following her discovery that she carries the BRCA-2 gene, also known as the ‘breast cancer’ gene.

Her diagnosis was that she was at an 80% increased risk of breast cancer and a 45% increased risk of ovarian cancer. She has now undertaken the surgery and has had breast implants inserted to reconstruct the lost breasts.

The singer took to Daybreak to tell of her surgery, informing hosts that she believes that going public about it could potentially help other women in the same position that she was in.

She explained that during the last few months her life has “been hell” but that she’’s looking forward to next year without hospitals and dramas. Her support throughout this tough time has been her husband, Hugh Hanley, and daughter Faith.

Talking of her personal trainer other half she said: “

“Hugh has been fantastic; he has been amazing. You do these things to prolong our lives as a family. It’’s all about being there.””

She made the decision to remove her breasts as she would rather lose them then have her daughter grow up without a Mum. The reason that she chose implants over fat grafts was that she had too little fat elsewhere on her body to take the fat from.

Breaking down on the show, she then picked herself up to talk about the positives that she’’s looking forward to in life, including getting back with Liberty X and trying for a new baby.

The pop band has reformed and will take to the stage in 2013 along with other bands.

The reason that she and husband Hugh want to have another child is so that Michelle can have her ovaries removed to cut out the risk of ovarian cancer.

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