More reason to envy Jennifer Lopez!

Jennifer’ Lopez’’s complexion is as delectable as it was when she first graced television screens in the 1990s.

So this, combined with the fact that she works in Hollywood, an industry where nips and tucks are commonplace, means it may come as a surprise to hear that she has not undertaken any surgery, or even Botox.

It would appear that her relatively line-free, smooth and taut face is a gift from the genetic gods, lifestyle factors or great make-up – or of course a combination of all three.

As if her natural beauty were not enough to envy it would also appear that her youthful skin is completely natural too.

At 43, the singer-turned-actress is at an age where many of her showbiz contemporaries will have undergone some anti-ageing procedures – from full facelifts to non-invasive treatments such as fillers or peels.

For a woman in her forties in Hollywood to have not had any assistance from anti-ageing procedures is more the exception rather than the norm.

It would appear that J-Lo is not judging those who do however either, as she willingly admits that she would consider such treatments as and when she felt necessary. So the star has natural confidence too –- lucky her!

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