New Plastic Surgery trend tackles ‘toe-besity’

Plastic surgery patientIt would seem that we are no longer content merely to slim down noticeable parts of the body but are now seeking reductions in more obscure parts of the body, too.

Podiatrist and cosmetic foot surgeon, Dr Oliver Zong, appeared on America’’s Doctor’s show to discuss the latest trend amongst his patients – slimming down their toes.

He referred to the self-coined issue of ‘toe-besity’; where people struggle to fit in to their shoes because of over-sized toes or fleshy feet.

It’’s not solely the preserve of women either, despite it being more likely that women’’s shoes would be harder to fit in to. One patient’’s before and after foot shot was a man who had got sick of people taunting his large toes and became too embarrassed to expose them in public.

The surgery would set you back upwards of $2000, depending on the severity of the ‘problem’ and which type of procedure would be carried out. Simpler cases rely on “excising and a nip/tuck” whereas the more severe cases of ‘toe-besity’ may incur bone-shaving to slim down the foot or toe.

It’’s not a trend we can see immediately having people ask for in their droves however you never know! Perhaps shoes will just become a bit more practical and better suited to the human foot instead…

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