New research reveals attitudes to Cosmetic Surgery

Research carried out by beauty company Fabriah has revealed that almost half of UK women would consider plastic surgery if cost was not an issue, with the under 30s the most likely to consider it.

44% of females asked in the survey admitted that they would have surgery if it didn’’t cost anything, with others claiming that they would but only if there were also guarantees that it would make them look better or younger.

Surprisingly perhaps, given that many procedures are geared towards making people look younger, those who were most keen were in the 18-30 age bracket with the lowest number of people interested at age 55 and above.

Perhaps what this reveals however is the changing attitudes to plastic surgery, with younger generations more accepting of using surgery as a way to make positive changes to their looks.

What the survey also revealed is a trend that we have highlighted before – that male interest in plastic surgery is growing at the quickest rate of all.

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