Nicky Minaj in photo evidence of buttock implants?

American singer Nicky Minaj is as famous for her outrageous style as her hip hop lyrics, including her very curvaceous behind.

It’’s so prominent, on her otherwise slim physique, that it has led to commentators speculating that she has had some medical assistance in that department.

Photos revealed by gossip website reveal Minaj dancing in a Baltimore club not long before she became famous. Barely recognisable in low-key make-up and her original wavy dark locks, the most striking difference is the much smaller size of her derriere.

In the older photos her proportions and shape look far more natural and would perhaps suggest that her current bottom is not all natural.

So far the singer has denied that she has undertaken plastic surgery and insists that her bountiful bottom is what she was born with. Perhaps with such seemingly strong photographic evidence as this she may need to do some backtracking.

Minaj can currently be seen on our TV screens on the judging panel of American Idol. In it she finds herself regularly locking horns with longer-established diva and fellow judge Mariah Carey.

Whilst production teams and a co-operative media seem to peddle fictitious rifts for other similar shows, the tension between the two women is palpable and seems genuine.

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