Non-surgical treatments help ex-Olympic swimmer Sharron Davis preserve her looks

Olympic swimming champion Sharron Davis has opened up about the treatments she has that help her to look young.

The 50-year-old receives Botox injections every six weeks and also has facial fillers. These help to plump out the skin and make it appear more youthful.

The athlete is no stranger to cosmetic procedures as she has admitted to having a boob job in the past. This was simply to reverse the after-effects of breastfeeding however and return her breasts to how they were before feeding, rather than, as she puts it, “”trying to become Pamela Anderson”.

On the subject of her more recent treatments, she’’s a firm believer that it’’s simply down to upkeep and therefore no different from other types of grooming undertaken by all women. She says:

““I don’’t see that (it’’s) any different from having your teeth crowned, your hair coloured or your nails done. It all helps me to feel better and more confident about the way I look.””

And we think you look great, Sharron!

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