Operations on bunions new US trend

The Huffington Post, a popular US news site, has reported on the rise in bunionplasty – cosmetic surgery on the feet to remove unsightly bunions.

Apparently 40,000 of these operations are currently performed in the States each year. The operation works to remove the bunions, which are misshapen bone growth on the foot, by operating on the bone itself to reshape it and to reseal and smooth the surface of the skin in the affected area.

Bunions are more often than not the preserve of women as they are often the result of walking in high heels. Well-known high-heel fan Victoria Beckham is believed to suffer from them.

As well as causing an unwanted protrusion on the foot, which is usually just below the big toe, bunions can also cause the sufferer considerable pain.

Bunions can also mean shoe shopping can be difficult as the shoe also needs to house an unnatural shape. Sufferers can resort to buying over-sized shoes which can lead to adapting their walk to compensate. Changing a walk in such a way can put a strain on calf muscles as well as potentially leading to back problems.

The craze seems not to have hit this side of the Atlantic yet but any type of surgery that can help to alleviate pain, discomfort or embarrassment can only be a good thing.

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