PIP implants boss released from French prison

The PIP breast implants saga continues as ex-PIP boss, Jean-Claude Mas was released from a French prison at the end of last month.

The 73-year-old businessman had been held in custody for the previous 8 months but is now out of prison and under “judicial supervision”. His movements will be monitored and restricted until the trial which will be held in April 2013.

Mas was arrested following complaints of ruptures of PIP implants and the subsequent discovery by French government scientists of industry-grade silicone in the implants. Silopress, baysilone and rhodorsil were all found in the implants, which are chemicals more commonly used as fuel additives or in the production of rubber tubing.

Although no long-term health risks have been found to be associated with PIP implants, the sub-standard silicone gel is believed to lead to twice as many ruptures as other implants.

Mas has reportedly admitted to illegally obtaining and using the cheaper silicone gel though he denies that it leads to health complications.

In addition to his supervision Mas has also had his passport confiscated and has been banned from seeing his number two in the company, colleague Claude Couty. The two men, along with other PIP executives, will stand trial in spring next year.

The case will involve 4,600 claimants and 180 lawyers in total.

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