PIP implants – don’t suffer in silence

Last week newspapers reported on the tragic story of a 24 year-old mum, Paige Goldup, who is suspected to have taken her own life because of fears about her PIP breast implants.

Though she was due to have her implants replaced, Paige spoke on Twitter of her worries that they may rupture. Shortly afterwards, relatives discovered her unconscious at home. She later died in hospital from a suspected overdose.

Here at Aurora Clinics, we’’ve seen first hand how traumatic it can be for women who have received substandard PIP implants.

Though we’re proud to say that none of the surgeons at Aurora have ever used PIP implants whilst working at our clinics, we have removed and replaced PIP implants for more than 120 women in the past 3 months who have had them implanted elsewhere – 22 of whom were found to have some degree of rupturing.

And we continue to speak to worried women every day who have had breast enlargement surgery using PIP implants and are looking to get them removed.

We know that for many women, it is only replacing their PIP implants that will give them complete peace of mind, so our team are doing all we can to make sure we help as many of these women as possible.

To help ease the financial burden, we have introduced a reduced rate for the replacement of PIP implants. You can rest assured we will only use top quality implants.

If you know or suspect you have received PIP implants and would like to talk to us about getting them removed or replaced, call us on 01324 578290 or drop us an email to mailto:info@aurora-clinics.local.

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