Plastic Surgery abroad – does it really cost less?

For some, plastic surgery is desirable but out of financial reach, and as a result some people seeking surgery look for cheaper alternatives outside the UK.

But is getting surgery abroad on the cheap the best way, and does it really save money?

Destinations such as Slovakia, Poland, Belgium and the Ukraine are popular hotspots as they benefit from relatively cheap air travel and are also on the rise as popular tourist locations.

Often plastic surgery offered overseas will come as part of a ‘holiday and treatment’ package, with hotels themselves offering ‘recovery retreats’. What this will usually mean is that patients meet up with sales representatives based in the UK and make their final decision based on that, rather than following a proper consultation with a doctor.

Having a couple of consultations with a prospective doctor first means there is the ability to ‘shop around’ as well as allowing a cooling off period before making the final decision to undertake the procedure. Once someone has decided to go ahead with the surgery and holiday package the decision has already been made and is not usually possible to back out of once there.

Other obstacles include potential language and cultural barriers. Crucially, it is up to the patient to research what the regulations and industry standards in that specific country are, and it can be difficult to filter through the information available – particularly if it needs to be translated.

What aftercare is offered following the operation also needs to be a serious consideration. Recovery from operations usually takes more than a few days so it’’s unlikely that the time spent away will be enough to see through the entire recovery period.

What happens if an operation goes wrong also needs to be take into account – if there are complications a return visit may be required and that will incur extra expense. Ultimately, any operation involves a degree of risk and so treating a medical procedure as a holiday is probably not the best way to approach it.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) encourages people to exercise caution when considering surgery abroad.

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